bsomeDark Hollow Falls35My name is Brandy Somers and I was born and raised the Shenandoah Valley. I am a full-time high school Arts and Crafts teacher, the mother of two wonderful children, an artist, photographer, Co-Founder of Art Lotto & Wonderkitten (both are collaborative portrait shows, one for adults and one for children), Co-Founder and photographer for the Harrisonburg blog I Love My Burg, Promotions Chair at Spitzer Art Center, writer and lifestyle photographer for Friendly City Lens, feature photographer for Family Talk Magazine, Whurk Magazine, the sole photographer of the Rocktown Food an all ’round lover, supporter, creator, and advocate of the arts.

I really love lifestyle photography. I love looking at it and I love doing it. A few years ago my friend, Katie, had the idea to start a blog together about our Harrisonburg experiences. A blog about us, our kids, our town, our lives, our community, our memories. It’s a beautiful running documentary of our friendship. Photographing outings with her dragged me out of my comfort zone. I had to photograph people I didn’t know in horrible light, in bad weather, in mud…all while enjoying friends, food, conversation and life. I’ve learned more about my camera and my strengths as a photographer in the passed five years than I have my whole life. My camera has become a limb. I carry it most everywhere with me. I love capturing people doing what they do. No posing – just real.life.stuff. This blog, Friendly City Lens, is my personal outlet for that type of daily photography. My life and my loves. A journal of sorts. I do hope you enjoy.

Thanks so much for visiting and please check back for more photos or sign up to follow this blog below! You can also contact me directly at brandysomersphotography@gmail.com and follow me on Instagram @bsomephoto.

friendlycitylens.com | ilovemyburg.com | brandysomersphotography.com | hburgartlotto.com


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