Finally. The Wedding.

Fourth and final post on Lee and Jodi’s wedding. There was a bachelor weekend, a white water rafting trip, a day of rehearsing and then the day arrived. I could go on and on about this wedding, really. It was beautiful weather, breathtaking views, great friends and celebrating that we simply didn’t want to end. One last congrats Lee and Jodi!


Hannah drove down to offer her hair and makeup services to us dude-chicks.


All ready. Loaded up and heading to the venue: Silver Hearth Lodge.

All ready. Loaded up and heading to the venue: Silver Hearth Lodge.


Lee takes a dance break...

Lee takes a dance break…


This photo by Lori Hedrick Photography, check out more here!

This photo by Lori Hedrick Photography, check out more here!

Ray's coat (the one that is a foot longer than the rest) inspired a photoshoot.

Ray’s coat (the one that’s a foot longer than the rest) inspired a mini photo session.

FCLIMG_6486 FCLIMG_6491 FCLIMG_6492FCLIMG_6495FCLIMG_6482And then it was time….look at that beautiful bride!FCLIMG_6522 FCLIMG_6514 FCLIMG_6537FCLIMG_6574 FCLIMG_6577 FCLIMG_6558 FCLIMG_6559C FCLIMG_6562FCLIMG_6603 FCLIMG_6616BW FCLIMG_6623FCLIMG_6636We often pretend we’re on the set of Romy and Michelle.


Getting ready for the speech...

Getting ready for the speech…

FCLIMG_6678 FCLIMG_6704 FCLIMG_6716BW FCLIMG_6721…the beginning…

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Roanoke Part I: Dress Rehearsal

The bachelor and bachelorette party shenanigans were a week behind us and we all reconvened in Roanoke for the wedding festivities. Rehearsal was bright and early Friday morning so we coffeed up,  loaded the vehicles and headed up the mountain to the Silver Hearth Lodge. The views up there were so.friggin.gorgeous! It was a healthy dose of calm for any pre-wedding jitters. Itineraries were read, maids and men fell into place, parents smiled with pride and that was a wrap. T-minus 31 hours till go-time.
FCLIMG_6370bw FCLIMG_6374 FCLIMG_6375 FCLIMG_6372

After rehearsal, Lee called all grooms men & women together so he could give us some tokens of appreciation baller gifts. Seriously. I don’t think I ever want to be a bridesmaid again after getting a dose of dude wedding strategy. Lee knows what’s up. He gave each attendant a special gift but I really can’t remember what everyone else got because I was too busy choking back chick tears over the loot he gave me. I felt like Biggie! He gave me a bar key, some good brew, a few nostalgic pilot bottles, earrings (to wear in the wedding), some Impossible film (yessss), a coozy…not just any coozy – a Freaker (a fit-everything sock-like coozy company based in Wilmington, NC), and (AND!) a Bamboo tablet (!) which, by the way, I’ve asked Santa to bring me for at least 6 years. *I exaggerate* If I had lugged my computer along, I might not have made rehearsal dinner that evening. Just sayin’.
FCLIMG_6384collage FCLIMG_6391BW


Pre-rehearsal dinner selfie…because I never wear heels. It was photo worthy.


Ben's makes things out of everything...

Ben makes things out of everything…


Jodi might just be the smartest decision Lee has made to date.

Jodi might just be the smartest decision Lee has made to date.


After the lovely dinner celebration, two of my besties (LT & Vanessa) arrived at the hotel. Mischief wasted no time. We took our friend Monica around with us to be sure everyone’s heart was in tip-top shape. God I love scaring people.FCLphoto-13

The last girl Lee kissed as a bachelor...

The last single-man kiss.