took a hike, took a camera: Misery Ridge. Bend, Oregon

I attended a wedding in Bend, Oregon with some of the best friends a person could ask for. While there, I also went on a hike. This is a post about all of those things.

Day 1: Arrivals and reunions. I was sitting against a wall in the San Fransisco airport when Lee & Jodi found me. We all had layovers there. Their hugs were healing and I knew this weekend would bring much joy. One last flight to Redmond would bring us to L’Tanya, who was there waiting – making friends with strangers, just as LT does. We visited two breweries then attended Nick and Nicky’s rehearsal/welcoming dinner where we met their friends and family from all over the U.S.bsomeIMG_4765 bsomeIMG_4776 bsomeIMG_4770 bsomeIMG_4766

Crux Fermentation (above) and Rat Hole Brew Pub (below).
bsomeIMG_4783 bsomeIMG_4785bsomeIMG_4791 bsomeIMG_4795 bsomeIMG_4800 bsomeIMG_4803

Getting acquainted with our cabin at Rock Springs RanchbsomeIMG_4810 bsomeIMG_4821 bsomeIMG_4822cbsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5084

Cell phone summary, Day 1:

oregonIMG_8590 oregonIMG_8602

Day 2: The hike, gas station salvation, Misery Ridge and the naked hiker. We all rented a cabin in cowboy country. Literally, it was on a ranch. The morning came quickly and despite the raindrops, Lee and Jodi and I set off to do a hike before the wedding. The gas station by the ranch has everything: a wall of taps, a sweet lady that made us homemade breakfast burritos on the spot and good coffee. Real good coffee. Pulling up to Smith Rock (where Misery Ridge Trail is), as cliche as it sounds, I felt like I was looking at a post card. It was beautiful. At the summit we saw Monkey Rock, found shelter in a cave to share a brew and the rain let up, the clouds lifted and we could see for miles. It was like doing the hike on two completely different days. On our way down we passed a naked hiker who was on his way up to slack line. Being an East coast girl, I attributed his free-ballin’ to the West coast mentality. Meh, who needs pants anyway?

bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4831bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4825bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5072 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4843 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4845 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4852bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4850 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4853 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4856 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4861 bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4862bsomeIMG_4864bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4870bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4872bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4879bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4874bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4892bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4906bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4938

Monkey Rock (way bigger in person than we imagined).bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4947bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4928bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4929bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4953bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4949bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4960bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4975bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4981bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_4991bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5008bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5021bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5025bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5034bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5068bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5048bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5000bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5046bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5055bwbsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5067bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5064bsomeMiseryRidge_IMG_5066

Cell phone summary, the hike:

misery ridgeIMG_8648 misery ridgeIMG_8675

Still Day 2: “Look et meeeee: I’m gettin’ maaaarrrrried.” Nick marries Nicky. And it is beautiful. Nick has been like a brother to me…a brother in the sense that we annoy the piss out of each other, know exactly how to get under each others skin and have a love language that is riddled with insults and mockery. When I first met Nicky I loved her and I knew she would not only fit it well with Nick’s various groups but that she had what it takes to wrangle Nick’s Greek heart. Not to silence his joy or passion for life but to enjoy life with him…to fulfill their passions together. Guys, she’s a keeper. And I think it’s safe to say they are both very lucky to have found each other. So much <3.bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5101bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5090bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5105bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5111bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5118bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5116bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5096bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5094bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5122bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5123bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5126bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5128bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5135bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5138bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5140bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5151bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5164bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5162bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5159bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5157bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5165bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5167bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5173bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5176bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5191bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5193bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5204bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5209bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5212bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5219bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5221bwbsomeNickNicky_IMG_5222bwbsomeNickNicky_IMG_5224bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5226bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5233bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5244bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5243bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5155bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5251bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5276bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5256bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5261bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5268bsomeNickNicky_IMG_5266

Cell phone summary, wedding day:


Day 3: Later tater. This short but extra sweet trip was hard to see end but I left fulfilled, renewed and ready to start planning our next reunion. #CHGfor-eh-vor!

bsomeIMG_5279 bsomeIMG_5280 bsomeIMG_5278 bsomeIMG_5284 bsomeIMG_5291 bsomeIMG_5298 bsomeIMG_5294 bsomeIMG_5293 bsomeIMG_5290 bsomeIMG_5303 bsomeIMG_5305 bsomeIMG_5308 bsomeIMG_5310

Cell phone summary, last day:

oregonIMG_8774 IMG_8828


Finally. The Wedding.

Fourth and final post on Lee and Jodi’s wedding. There was a bachelor weekend, a white water rafting trip, a day of rehearsing and then the day arrived. I could go on and on about this wedding, really. It was beautiful weather, breathtaking views, great friends and celebrating that we simply didn’t want to end. One last congrats Lee and Jodi!


Hannah drove down to offer her hair and makeup services to us dude-chicks.


All ready. Loaded up and heading to the venue: Silver Hearth Lodge.

All ready. Loaded up and heading to the venue: Silver Hearth Lodge.


Lee takes a dance break...

Lee takes a dance break…


This photo by Lori Hedrick Photography, check out more here!

This photo by Lori Hedrick Photography, check out more here!

Ray's coat (the one that is a foot longer than the rest) inspired a photoshoot.

Ray’s coat (the one that’s a foot longer than the rest) inspired a mini photo session.

FCLIMG_6486 FCLIMG_6491 FCLIMG_6492FCLIMG_6495FCLIMG_6482And then it was time….look at that beautiful bride!FCLIMG_6522 FCLIMG_6514 FCLIMG_6537FCLIMG_6574 FCLIMG_6577 FCLIMG_6558 FCLIMG_6559C FCLIMG_6562FCLIMG_6603 FCLIMG_6616BW FCLIMG_6623FCLIMG_6636We often pretend we’re on the set of Romy and Michelle.


Getting ready for the speech...

Getting ready for the speech…

FCLIMG_6678 FCLIMG_6704 FCLIMG_6716BW FCLIMG_6721…the beginning…

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RVA: Mrs. Sarah

I was more than eager to attend this wedding as a guest. Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing weddings, but having been deprived of guest-status for…a while, I truly appreciated every sip, bite, and free moment of this day. On our way out of town, Ben and I stopped at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market for a small bite and a hot coffee. I can never resist those ding dang O’cakes. Lordhavemercy. Then we hightailed it out of the ‘burg to RVA. A little sprucing up in the hotel and we were ready to witness some matrimony. Sarah and Jason created a website for wedding guests that listed some of their recommendations and favorite spots to frequent in Richmond. With a little time to spare we decided to honor the time they took to create such a list and visit one of Jason’s favorite Richmond restaurants: Joe’s Inn. There was no time for the feeding frenzy of which I’m always ready to partake…but we managed to toast the couple with a pair of Guinness and be on our way. ohmyguinness. Just a few short blocks passed under our tootsies and we arrived at the Virginia Center of Architecture where I caught up with some familiar faces. I watched the camera man bounce around doing squats and yoga and core strengthening that I’m convinced only photographers know how to do. I nestled into my chair and enjoyed the chatter. Let’s just be honest here, I’m not sure what I’d do with my hands in most of life’s situations if not for my camera…so of course I had moments where my Canon found it’s way to my face and boomtown: snap happy. The ceremony was light and sweet and Sarah made all the funny faces that I love. I was particularly excited about the reception at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts(!) so I wasted no time in heading that way after the kissy kiss. Plus Joe’s Inn left me with a full bladder. I have a thing for bathrooms and got immediately sidetracked in there. Come to think of it, after looking at my last few sets of photos I’ve discovered I also have a thing for elevators. And freshly made beds. And food…but that’s nothing new. Congrats to Sarah and Jason on their beautiful Richmond wedding!

More Richmond photos HERE!


Spicy Peanut Brittle O’cake. drool



iphone panoramas are so fun!



direction check…Joe’s Inn



Don’t worry, I asked permission before taking this creeper shot.


Ben took the shot above.




Here’s something I don’t normally see on my camera…pictures of ME:FCLIMG_4947CFCLIMG_4954CFCLIMG_4978FCLIMG_4981

I couldn't get enough of the Chihuly garden.

I couldn’t get enough of the Chihuly garden.


Check out the AWESOME shots by their photographers:

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