NOH8-inspired Photo Shoot

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest in response to the passing of Proposition 8. The NOH8 photos feature people with duct tape over their mouths (to represent their silencing) and NOH8 painted on one cheek (to show their protest).

Friends in the Friendly City were invited to this hour long NOH8-inspired photo shoot to show support and help Harrisonburg scream in silence.

bsomeIMG_1418fclIMG_1310 fclIMG_1309 fclIMG_1314 fclIMG_1317 fclIMG_1306 fclIMG_1308 fclIMG_1320 fclIMG_1324 fclIMG_1325fclIMG_1330 fclIMG_1318 fclIMG_1327fclIMG_1331 fclIMG_1332 fclIMG_1333 fclIMG_1335fclIMG_1336 fclIMG_1337 fclIMG_1339 fclIMG_1340 fclIMG_1341 fclIMG_1343 fclIMG_1342 fclIMG_1345 fclIMG_1344 fclIMG_1347 fclIMG_1346 fclIMG_1351 fclIMG_1354 fclIMG_1353 fclIMG_1352 fclIMG_1348 fclIMG_1349 fclIMG_1355 fclIMG_1358fclIMG_1359 fclIMG_1360 fclIMG_1365 fclIMG_1368 fclIMG_1370 fclIMG_1372 fclIMG_1382 fclIMG_1385 fclIMG_1388 fclIMG_1389 fclIMG_1378 fclIMG_1394 fclIMG_1405 fclIMG_1392 fclIMG_1403 fclIMG_1399 fclIMG_1397 fclIMG_1381fclIMG_1409 fclIMG_1414 fclIMG_1416 fclIMG_1410 fclIMG_1413 fclIMG_1417 fclIMG_1420 fclIMG_1425 fclIMG_1427 fclIMG_1429 fclIMG_1432 fclIMG_1436

…that’s a wrap…
Participants: These photos are for you. Download and use them to show your support on the NOH8 Campaign website.