Field Trip: New Market Battlefield

Blake is in the 5th grade and this particular field trip was pretty special to him. Not only was it his second-to-last field trip as an elementary school student *gulp* but he is particularly fond of the Civil War. As in, he absolutely knows way more than me about the battles that happened in this area. And I’ve lived here my whole life. My smart little smartypants. I took the day off work to join Blake and his classmates at the New Market Battlefield for a little history lesson.

The two 5th grade classes:

The tour guide explained the symbolism in the stained glass window installation:FCLIMG_5244

Dressing the part of Union and Confederate soldiers:FCLIMG_5248

During the reenactment video Blake didn’t take well to the bloody soldier scene. And by ‘didn’t take well’ I mean he keeled over right beside me and slammed his head on the seat in front of us. Pretty sure that’s the closest I’ve come to a heart attack. The paramedics were called just to be safe and after a few questions they diagnosed him with a weak stomach. Check out the two photos below: 1) pale serious Blake with a paramedic and his teacher in the background and 2) full color Blake, happy and feeding. *shew!*FCLIMG_5245 FCLIMG_5250 FCLIMG_5251

After lunch we toured the grounds including the Bushong House and the Field of Lost Shoes which was particularly eerie. As the tour ended, dark clouds rolled in followed by a refreshing rain. It was a great day with Blake and his classmates. 🙂FCLIMG_5254 FCLIMG_5260 FCLIMG_5262FCLIMG_5281C FCLIMG_5265COLLAGE FCLIMG_5272BW FCLIMG_5273 FCLIMG_5278

The Field of Lost Shoes

The Field of Lost Shoes


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