Bye Bye Beautiful Winter

Everybody loves to hate on the weather. I mean, ok, I might’ve rolled my eyes at that last snow fall. C’mon April! You’re not even funny anymore. But really, when it comes down to it – I love every season. When my kids were toddlers I would hide bags full of their toys and after about a month or so, I’d swap them out and hide another couple bags. When they got their bag of old toys back they were so stoked to have new toys. Every. Single. Time. That’s what the seasons do for me. Like a big kid. It comes and goes away and comes back and I love it all over again! I love the smells and the new colors and getting out my new-again old clothes and layering and shedding and camping and wood chips and snowfall and the FOOD. Warm soups, crockpots, sweet potatoes, ice tea, sandwiches, burnt marshmallows, corn on the cob, Kline’s ice cream. *shew*  These pictures make me wish I owned a snuggie. I shot them with numbed-by-the-cold fingers in February and they are as quiet and cold as the day I took them. Oh, Harrisonburg.

Wilson Hall Harrisonburg

Bank of America Harrisonburg

George's Harrisonburg

George's Harrisonburg 2

Court Square Harrisonburg

Seed Building Chop House Harrisonburg


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