Remembering Mothers

Last week was “Think Pink Week” at the kids school. On Friday they hosted an outdoor yard party complete with a bouncy house, corn hole tournaments, hot dogs, and sunshine. The kids ran and played and screamed for no apparent reason like kids do. Ear-piercing and heartwarming. They would check in with me to get a drink or ask for money or maybe even give me a sweaty-puppy-dog hug.  Ella asked if she could buy a pink balloon from the table where their principal stood. When we walked over, Ella was instructed to write the name(s) of anyone she might know that has battled breast cancer. The response came too easy for her. Age 8. Breast cancer events such as these are especially meaningful to me and my family. At this tender young age, my children have experienced the loss of two very close family members to the disease and a former secretary at their school. It is very real to them…and more terrifying than any monster under the bed. I am so so thankful for my mother, today and everyday but this time of year comes with reminders. Reminders to love and be thankful and enjoy your days and hug a mama for Pete’s sake. Happy Mother’s Day to these wonderful women:

Peggy Caulder Somers (Grandma Peggy)

Debra Lutz Custer (Aunt Debbie)

Secretary Karen Kay Puckett

…and all the survivors and victims close to your heart…


Ella and her pink balloon…inscribed with the names of her Gramma Peggy & Aunt Debbie.

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