RVA: Mrs. Sarah

I was more than eager to attend this wedding as a guest. Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing weddings, but having been deprived of guest-status for…a while, I truly appreciated every sip, bite, and free moment of this day. On our way out of town, Ben and I stopped at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market for a small bite and a hot coffee. I can never resist those ding dang O’cakes. Lordhavemercy. Then we hightailed it out of the ‘burg to RVA. A little sprucing up in the hotel and we were ready to witness some matrimony. Sarah and Jason created a website for wedding guests that listed some of their recommendations and favorite spots to frequent in Richmond. With a little time to spare we decided to honor the time they took to create such a list and visit one of Jason’s favorite Richmond restaurants: Joe’s Inn. There was no time for the feeding frenzy of which I’m always ready to partake…but we managed to toast the couple with a pair of Guinness and be on our way. ohmyguinness. Just a few short blocks passed under our tootsies and we arrived at the Virginia Center of Architecture where I caught up with some familiar faces. I watched the camera man bounce around doing squats and yoga and core strengthening that I’m convinced only photographers know how to do. I nestled into my chair and enjoyed the chatter. Let’s just be honest here, I’m not sure what I’d do with my hands in most of life’s situations if not for my camera…so of course I had moments where my Canon found it’s way to my face and boomtown: snap happy. The ceremony was light and sweet and Sarah made all the funny faces that I love. I was particularly excited about the reception at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts(!) so I wasted no time in heading that way after the kissy kiss. Plus Joe’s Inn left me with a full bladder. I have a thing for bathrooms and got immediately sidetracked in there. Come to think of it, after looking at my last few sets of photos I’ve discovered I also have a thing for elevators. And freshly made beds. And food…but that’s nothing new. Congrats to Sarah and Jason on their beautiful Richmond wedding!

More Richmond photos HERE!


Spicy Peanut Brittle O’cake. drool



iphone panoramas are so fun!



direction check…Joe’s Inn



Don’t worry, I asked permission before taking this creeper shot.


Ben took the shot above.




Here’s something I don’t normally see on my camera…pictures of ME:FCLIMG_4947CFCLIMG_4954CFCLIMG_4978FCLIMG_4981

I couldn't get enough of the Chihuly garden.

I couldn’t get enough of the Chihuly garden.


Check out the AWESOME shots by their photographers: http://www.stevenandlilyphotography.com/sarah-and-jason-wedding/

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2 thoughts on “RVA: Mrs. Sarah

  1. I seriously can’t get enough of these blog posts, they bring back so many great memories and are put together absolutely beautifully

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