Dudes: Asheville, NC


I’m gonna make this simple because quite frankly, I’m tired of explaining it. *not really, I love it* My long time bestie, Lee, popped the question to his girlfriend. And she said yes! *and she’s a looker!* He asked me and Laura to be grooms(wo)men. And we said yes. Laura put together a weekend to gather and celebrate Lee’s bachelorhood where there were 13 people under one roof: 2 girls and 11 guys. It seemed like a perfect storm in the making but we were all quite responsible and had one heck of a good time! I only stayed two of the three days (day two photos coming soon) but it didn’t take long for me to pick up on some pretty important Laws of the Man:

#1: Paper plates are versatile. “Veggie Trays….” are questionable. FCLphoto-6

#2: 3 days is a long time. Buy in bulk.

#3: Billy.    …that’s all. Just Billy.

#4: Ray reads. Let him. He has the ability to kill.FCLIMG_6249BWFCLIMG_6246

#5: Don’t guess names. It creates new nicknames. Sorry RayJay.FCLIMG_6256

#6: Laura wears many hats.FCLIMG_6240collagE

#7: Appreciate a good cigar.

#7.5: Or, like me, just learn how to hold it and pretend.FCLphoto-5 FCLIMG_6265

#8: Food is key.FCLIMG_6268

#9: Food Meat is key. FCLIMG_6280 FCLIMG_6262

#10: Dan is the grill master.  Be patient, it’s worth the wait.FCLIMG_6260 FCLIMG_6279

#11: If you talk while eating you are merely waisting time. Besides, no one is listening anyway.

#12: The more ridiculous the tshirt, the better.

#13: Weird things happen after 10 pm.FCLphoto-7 FCLIMG_6282 FCLIMG_6284FCLIMG_6272BW

#14: Man hugs are perfectly acceptable before bed.

Thanks for a great weekend fellers! And Laura.

Copyright © 2013 · Photos by Brandy Somers. All Rights Reserved · friendlycitylens.com & brandysomersphotography.com. This material may not be copied, downloaded, altered, cropped, reproduced, or printed without express written consent. Thank you for respecting my creative property.


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