White Wine & Tastee Freez

Since driving through Barboursville on the way to Lake Anna, I’ve wanted to stop by to see the ruins. With few free Sundays on the calendar, we headed over the mountain for a sunny day of tastings, chili dogs, sunshine and site seeing. We started with a tasting and a game of corn hole at Keswick Vineyards (I lost). Then we headed across the road to Castle Hill Cider where we tasted cider, played in the yard and I learned about a kvevri for the first time. That whole process is pretty dang cool!  To keep the day classy, we made a pit stop at the Tastee Freez. My kids would be irate if they knew I stopped there without them! And finally, I really wanted to see the Barboursville Ruins which are not as elaborate as I thought but fun all the same.
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