took a hike, took a camera: Hawksbill Zombie Hike

On our last hike, the kids had the idea to do a Zombie hike. (um, ok!) Hurricane Joaquin interfered with our first attempt but our second attempt was filled with clear blue skies and beaming Fall colors. The hike included zombie-inspired snacks by my daughter, lots of strange looks from fellow hikers, a few strategic scares and a couple capsules of fake blood. Happy Halloween!fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4469 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4453 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4440 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4450 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4456 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4436 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4471 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4476 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4477 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4481 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4479 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4486 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4501 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4502 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4530 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4514 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4509 fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4543fclHawksbillZombie_IMG_4462

Cell phone summary:HawksbillZombieCellPhone


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